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M.D. (Michael Dirk) Thalmann, a novelist and freelance journalist with an affinity for satire and science fiction, lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, children, and ornery cats, reads too much and sleeps too little. He has a couple dogs, too, but doesn’t like to mention them due to the slippers one of them ate in 2009, which neither has yet fessed up to. He is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas and has been living in the desert since 2004 when he took the novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas entirely too serious and moved on a lark. He has been into journalism in one fashion or another and writing fiction and so on since he was ten years old or so and has gotten at least 20% better since that time. Today M.D. writes freelance and does columns for a few magazines here and there while working on his various novels and cursing his cats.


M.D. Thalmann is influenced by Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Philip K. Dick, Carl Hiaasen, and (obviously) Hunter S. Thompson. The 13 Lives of a Television Repair Man, Static, and Europa Affair are all available for purchase.

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