Europa Affair is HERE!

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Europa Affair is HERE!

This STATIC prequel/companion story is the perfect gift for the Sci-Fi fan in your life (even if that’s you!)

Corporate espionage, explosions, gunfights, and even some sexy-time!

Somebody’s halls are getting decked!

What happens when two senior officers in your ice-mining operation can’t keep their hands off each other, and a sentient baboon hell-bent on destroying mankind uses them for corporate espionage?
Marwick is a deep space test-pilot and soldier in the Solar Confederacy’s cyborg army, feared by many, avoided by most. Melina is the most daring ice-runner in the fleet, a respected officer, and wife to the Solar Confed’s Chief Military Advisor.
They really shouldn’t get along, especially after he throws a monkey wrench into her mission, almost killing her.
Is the baboon biting off more than he can chew? Will his blackmail lead to power or war?
All this, plus androids with identity crises being shot into space.


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Get the scoop on the cast of Europa Affair, read STATIC!

Buy Static!

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