Please read before hitting “delete”

Hello to all my supporters, The time is upon us for my new book to go through the tedious process of cover design revisions and audiobook production. As you can see, $330.00 of the goal has already been met. With your help, either sharing the link/email and/or contributing anything you can. Please at least give … Continue reading Please read before hitting “delete”

Cthulhu if by Sea

So, I entered a dialogue only micro-flash fiction (300 words) contest for October. I didn't win, but they went ahead and ran my story anyway... for you, this means a free, first runner-up comedy dialogue about a lovable fictional creature. Enjoy! Cthulhu if by Sea “A Cthulhu, really?” said the barkeep. “Yeah, mate. By my … Continue reading Cthulhu if by Sea

Big announcement for the fans

Friends, readers, and people who haven't remembered to unsubscribe, I have been sitting on some news for a few weeks, waiting for the official announcement by the publisher. I signed a book deal for The 13 Lives of a Television Repair Man (see link at bottom of article). The acquiring publisher is Space Dock, a branch of … Continue reading Big announcement for the fans

Bittersweet endings – goodbye M.D.Thalmann’s Back Page

It's been two years since I started stringing an op-ed column for $25 an issue to a local rag. And it was a fun run. I got the word that the controversial Dolphins in the Desert column, which they insisted I write, would be the last Back Page. So, this heartfelt piece about the imminent … Continue reading Bittersweet endings – goodbye M.D.Thalmann’s Back Page