Static on Kindle Scout

Do you have an Amazon account? Like to read? Want to help discover the next big thing?

If you were nodding your head while reading those questions, you gotta keep reading.

Kindle Scout ( #kindlescout ) is a program similar to the Amazon Pilots program, where you get to pick the next hit show. Right now, you can read the first 20 pages or so of my new novel and decide if you think Amazon should feature it. Each account (user) gets three nomination spots. You can add a book and remove it later if you find a different top 3. At the end of 30 days, if I have enough nominations still active, I’ll get an advance and contract directly with Amazon… it’s really that easy.

Even if you read my first 20 pages and think, Not my cup o’ tea,  you will be exposed to dozens more options that might resonate with you.

Try the program, CLICK HERE to see my campaign and navigate the portal from there.

Thanks in advance, and KEEP READING!!!

Lulu Specs.jpg

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