Just finished novella 3 of Static-Redux

OK, so for those of you who aren’t aware, I started writing my first full length novel in August of 2006. Obviously I have been distracted by life and other bullshit, but last summer, on the 9 year anniversary of my original journal entry concerning writing this book, I decided to put down all the other works I had been meddling with and power through my white whale.

First of all, my “masterpiece” was only 20,000 words.

Secondly, the book was written in an unintelligible combination of first person journals, second person journals and third person omniscient.

Third and most importantly, the writing was terrible and yet I was clinging to it like a buoy 10 miles off the pier.

I made a conscious decision to abandon my ego driven quest and rewrite the entire “novel.”

The revised version will be published not as Static, but instead as Static-Redux. My wife thinks this is odd because the original version hasn’t been (and never will be) published, but I have put too much work into physically rebirthing this fucker to leave it unacknowledged.

The redux will be released, initially, in 4 novellas for the sole purpose of online marketing. The full novel (about 80,000 words all told) will be released online and in print, as well as an audiobook (I really enjoy hearing my books on audio).

What I have done thus far is read each of the poorly worded and overly dense chapters from before and then re-written them from memory into third person perspective. In doing so I have added dozens of characters and the overall purpose and voice of the book is unrecognizable from the original.

I have turned the first 15K words of the garbage version into 70K words that I am very proud to release to the public. I have 5,000 words left to “translate” which will take me well into 80K+ words, possibly 100K. 

To all of my fans and readers please share my posts and excerpts and let people know what you think of my work. The new releases are sure to bring down the house, but not without your help.

I am very excited about these “new” releases, and I hope you are, too. 

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