A little something for the fans.

Here is something I’ve been kicking around for a while. Not sure where it’s going to go yet, but it has been rattling about in this thing I call a brain for a while so I figured I’d let some poor soul tell me what they think of it so I can gauge its essence other than via my own limited perspective.

Enjoy (or don’t)

M.D. Thalmann

June 30, 2016

2 thoughts on “A little something for the fans.

  1. I think it has merit. I also think you need to decide upfront if you want the tone to be tongue-in-cheek, dramatic, or a political statement. It is a blend right now of all three. You initially write in stream of consciousness style, so one sentence is run-on, but that is easily remedied.

    Isler, huh? I guess you know that was your great grandmother Nellie’s last name. Love you, AJ Sent from my iPhone


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